Private Childbirth Education

First, I'd like to encourage you to try to make a group class work.  It is so beneficial to meet other expectant mothers, share your stories and to have that group experience.  There are excellent childbirth class options available in the Louisville and Southern Indiana area for you to choose from.  However, there are some situations in which you might prefer private classes, such as:   

  • your schedule does not allow you to clear out the same day/time for several consecutive weeks

  • you prefer to learn individually rather than in a group setting,

  • you find it difficult to keep up or ask questions in a group setting, perhaps because English is not your native language

  • you'd prefer to condense topics or spread classes out over your pregnancy, rather than a chunk of 6-8 consecutive weeks or a weekend intensive

  • you are having a home birth and want to learn about birthing in that context but would like to know how to navigate the hospital system should you need to transport to the hospital

  • you like the idea of having the classes come to you, rather than driving to another location after work or on the weekends

  • you have special concerns or circumstances that would be better addressed in a private setting

I have several thousand hours of experience as a parent educator, working primarily in home settings.  I can customize my content to meet your individual needs.  Please contact me for availability and pricing.  

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I look forward to hearing from you and discovering together how I can support you and your family.  Please contact me here or email me directly:

I do my best to respond to you promptly.

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