My path to birth work

Early intervention & Social Work


I began working with families of young children as an early intervention specialist and social worker in 2008.  I served families via programs like Healthy Families, Early Head Start and First Steps. I was fortunate to be able to attend many trainings about child development and healthy parenting .  One of the most transformational of these trainings was the RIE Foundations Training in Los Angeles where I learned about respectful infant and toddler care.  I lived in a Big 10 university town which gave me the opportunity to work with families from around the world, including many immigrant families from Mexico, China, Southeast Asia and Russia. The years I spent working with families in these programs gave me a wonderful, rich base of knowledge that has been a wonderful asset to me personally and professionally.

Birth Work

In 2009 I was introduced to the role of a doula as a resource for expectant parents. I have always been fascinated with birth since I was a young child so when I discovered doulas I was thrilled to find something that so perfectly brought together my interests in childbirth, parenting and education.  So, in 2010 I trained with DONA International and began working as a birth doula alongside my career in early intervention/social work.  My jobs were flexible and I didn't have kids yet, so I was able to work full time and have a side practice as a doula for several years.  I went on to expand my skills to include childbirth education, lactation support and placenta encapsulation (note: I no longer offer placenta encapsulation).


Clinical Social Work & Psychotherapy

As I worked with more and more families, I realized I wanted to have the ability to more deeply address the mental and emotional needs of my clients.  I began looking for graduate programs and I was thrilled to be accepted into Boston University's online program in Clinical Social Work.  After our first child was born and our family relocated to the Louisville area, I pulled back from birth work for the most part and turned my attention to being a mother and completing my graduate degree. Graduate school gave me the opportunity to be a volunteer lobbyist in Kentucky's capital, work with Louisville's homeless population, provide therapy at a grief counseling center, and most recently, work as an in-home therapist with women with perinatal mood disorders.  I am happy to bring these rich experiences back to my practice as a birth doula as I support women and families in the childbearing year.  Read about my current services here.