With how my story unfolded in an unplanned way, without Julia I believe I would have looked back on it with a heavy heart... but since she was there encouraging through the rough spots, helped us talk through options and really held space for us as we made the hard decisions to deviate from the birth plan, I can honesty say I am grateful to have had the birth I had even though it was not the one I wanted... We definitely recommend her! 

Kristen W.

“The birth of my son was the most amazing, wonderful experience of my life.  Julia Pickett, my doula, was indispensable.  She made his birth a much easier, smoother task than it would have otherwise been.  When the pain was intense and I needed to focus elsewhere, Julia used activities (games, music, massage, and meditation) and humor to help me do that.  When I wanted to focus on the birthing process, she was ready with beautiful descriptive visualizations to help me. Always ready with a variety of suggestions, Julia was happy to take direction from me. She did a great job of helping me personalize my birth experience and enjoy my birth experience! Her positive attitude was very helpful!”

                                                            ~ Momma SM and baby B

“Julia was immensely helpful as we prepared for the birth of our son. She was a great resource making a point to gather as much information for us as possible so that we were informed heading into the birth process. Although our birth plan changed quite significantly from a VBAC to a cesarean, Julia was open and easygoing about her changing role and where she fit into the day’s events. Despite our change in circumstances, she was committed to doing all she could to advocate for the family-centered birth we hoped for. Julia found articles and videos for us to peruse about humanizing the cesarean experience; she asked the nurses important questions the day of the surgery; and she took photos before and after the birth to document our son’s entry into the world. A few days after the birth, she continued to help offering breastfeeding advice and connecting us to breastfeeding resources in the community. We are glad that Julia was a part of our son’s birth journey as she was a valuable resource and a comfortable presence offering support during the pregnancy and birth.”

~Amber, Scott and Baby Ren

“I highly recommend Julia.  She was well prepared and enthusiastic, which made me more relaxed as I approached the birth of my baby.  The day I went into labor she was calm and patient, walking with me and reminding me of other comfort measures in the early stages before we went to the hospital.  At the hospital, she was friendly yet professional with the hospital staff, introducing herself and handing out copies of our birth plan and locating equipment we wanted for the birth (like birthing balls), so my husband and I didn’t have to think of any of that and could just focus on me.  As the labor progressed and I had to make various choices, she talked me through my options which helped me feel confident and happy with my decisions.  After the baby was born, Julia stayed until we had established breastfeeding and she contacted the postpartum doula for us, which made the transition stress-free.  My husband and I are so glad we chose to use Julia as our doula!”           

                                                                                                                            ~parents SL, AL and baby M