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 About Me

I'm a mother of two, a birth doula and clinical social worker.  Nearly my entire career has been dedicated to expectant parents and parents of infants and toddlers. I love this work. Read about my path to supporting women in the childbearing years. 

Threaded throughout my services is an emphasis on respect, inclusion and mental wellness. I'm passionate about ensuring your sense of safety and empowerment. I'm also interested in the deeper thoughts and motivations that we bring to birth and parenting and I'm passionate about helping you find the care and resources you need to have an empowered birth experience and to live your best life as a new parent. Read about my current service offerings here.

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Julia Pickett, MSW, CSW, LCCE


Current Services

Birth Services

Read about my labor support services, including comprehensive birth doula support, sibling support and birth photography.

Education & Consultation

Read about the range of education and consultation services I provide including private childbirth education and consultation on specific topics.


Julia R.

I had the great pleasure to have Julia as my birth doula and private photographer when I had my first child. Julia is not only knowledgeable and experienced but also she is very caring, loving, positive and encouraging... I would choose Julia over and over again to be my doula.”


Alex W.

My experience with Julia as my doula was LIFE CHANGING. I have recommended her to everyone I know getting ready to give birth. She knew exactly what I needed at every moment....


Dulce R.

...I’m extremely thankful Julia was with me to support us and to guide us. I have a vivid memory while I was having a contraction and I thought I was relaxed. Julia was holding my hand and in a calm and soft voice said “Relax, I can see it in your face.” Without realizing my face was tight and tense and my shoulders were arched. This is the kind of support I needed...